Blog Re-launch, Re-arranging the Furniture, and an Upcoming Book Giveaway

You’re still here! I am so glad that you stayed. I thought that I had deleted my blog; but, after a couple of weeks, a new reader here, and another one there, became a follower. The follower count continued to increase. How was that possible? I tried to figure out what I missed; eventually I realized it was many things:

1. Being an Armchair Expert (Non-fiction reads do that to you.)
2. Being encouraged (and pushed) to read more frequently
3. Blogging my Reviews
4. Receiving your Feedback
5. Visiting Other Blogs and Learning More About You
6. Seeing and Reading About Everybody’s Book Hauls
7. New Followers
8. Hate Mail
9. Yes…Hate Mail (Its better than no mail…right?)
10. Fan Mail with Delightful Surprises (Much better than hate mail)

None of the aforementioned had anything to do with deleting my blog; that was due to focusing on taking care of a very ill family member. I thought I was being selfish to do any amount of blogging during that time. Later, I realized that all of that fabulous reading and blogging created the things that I missed and needed so much. My family member also received so much joy from it, because I shared posts and other blogs by reading them aloud.

During my absence I/we continued to visit many of your blogs (and new ones as well). There were so many wonderful themes coupled with such great talent! While I felt proud of my blog, I knew that it needed something more. One promise I made to myself was that if I re-launched my blog, I would dedicate time to modifying it. I called this process: “Re-arranging the furniture.” Everything should be in its new place (or moved back to its original one) before I launch the giveaway.

My absence is over, and I am celebrating by re-launching this blog and sponsoring a book giveaway by the end of this month: January, 2017. I am just trying to work out the details, since I have not ever conducted one of these before. There are so many options to select in terms of choosing the winner and creating “the rules.”

This leads me to the following question: What has worked for you or been a giveaway/sweepstake set up that you have admired in the past?


2 thoughts on “Blog Re-launch, Re-arranging the Furniture, and an Upcoming Book Giveaway

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