The Book Giveaway Winner that Never Was and What I Learned in the Process

img_test-profile-pic-from-gravatarThe end of January gave way to me sponsoring a book giveaway for the first time.  I was excited!  I knew that scores of people would want to enter for a chance to win.

I had previously committed to sponsoring one in my “Update: Blog Re-launch, Re-arranging the Furniture, and an Upcoming Book Giveaway” post.  Then I posted a review of  the book that I intended for the giveaway:  “Jihad Academy:  The Rise of Islamic State, by Nicolas Henin.  Finally, I had to figure out the legal stuff (What a quagmire!) and how the winning entrant would be selected:  I opted to let Rafflecopter randomly select the winner.  I wrote the book giveaway post and waited, and waited…..and waited.

The giveaway came to a close, and I learned that I waited for nobody to enter.  Zero Entrants= No Winner!  The formula was not exactly rocket science, nor the answer to peace in the Middle East; but it made me realize that I had some learning to do–immediately.  This was what I learned.

Some visitors were interested and read my Giveaway Policy, too.  It was complex, to put it simply.  I wanted to do everything right; and, in doing so, I may have scared off an entrant or two.  The giveaway was open to residents of (and with mailing addresses within the) United States, except where prohibited, and yada, yada, yada.  My site’s stats revealed that my largest visitor count came from this country, followed by Britain, then Canada.  When I looked at the cumulative numbers, the overwhelming majority of my visitors came from outside of my home country.

But, what was most interesting…and rewarding…and fulfilling to me was that during the entire time of the giveaway  and up until I started writing this post, I continued to receive visits, likes/favorites, and commenting from you–plus more followers.  So, while I intended to giveaway something, I was the one to receive the prize.  You gave of your time, your interest, and your thoughts.  I cannot thank you enough.


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