Library Loot for February 2017


Library Loot: February 2, 2017

Library Loot” takes place each week; it is hosted by Claire from “The Captive Reader” and Linda at “Silly Little Mischief” for those of us that wish to share and support (or enable) other readers, while delighting in (and sometimes, coveting) other people’s reads.  My library haul follows:

A Woman in Arabia: The Writings of the Queen of the Desert, by Gertrude Bell, Georgina Howell (Editor)
My initial interest in the Arabian Peninsula started at a young age, when I saw the film “Lawrence of Arabia.” Gertrude Bell played an important role in that area and in that era; so, it was time I read her story.

Shah of Shahs, by Ryszard Kapuscinski, William R. Brand (Translator), Katarzyna Mroczkowska-Brand (Translator) (Translated from Polish)
I read this book in June, 2013, and it enthralled me. The story covered a brief, but important, set of Persia’s historical points, through the change of Qajar Dynasty to the Pahlavi leadership (when the country became known as “Iran”) and the evolution of scenarios leading to the revolution that overthrew the last shah: Mohammad Reza Pahlavi One could argue that people would find a plethora of books on the topic (an inarguable point); but, nobody could do it like Kapuscinski. It was an experience…one I wished to replicate. Additionally, while I took detailed reading notes, I became too aggressive at whittling them down in the process of writing my review. This book was certainly worthy of a high-caliber review; and, writing one required a re-read.

Camelia: Save Yourself by Telling the Truth, A Memoir of Iran, by Camelia Entekhabifard
I wanted to read another book about post-revolutionary Iran: drastic religious, political, and social/societal changes coupled with human rights abuses (including wrongful imprisonment).

The Origins and Evolutions of the Arab-Zionist Conflict, by Michael J. Cohen
While I read this book in July, 2015, it was not selected for a re-read. I chose this piece to help me clean-up my notes and write my review of it; skimming the book for certain details was my intent.

Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party, by Dinesh D’Souza
Well, there certainly has been quite a bit of passion surrounding this book and its author. When I walked into the library to pick up my holds, I saw this piece on one of the “Just In” shelves and had to bring it home with me.


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